RICED focuses on supporting marginalized and vulnerable social groups access services and also rights by sensitizing them on their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 as well as in work places. RICED conducts rights awareness sessions for women, youth, persons with special needs, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

In addition, RICED organizes forums which bring together service providers (duty-bearers) and the socio-economically marginalized and vulnerable groups and individuals in the target areas. These forums provide opportunity for these groups to air their challenges and grievances to the duty-bearers thus sensitizing them with firsthand information that they can act on to alleviate the suffering of these groups.

In addition those living with HIV/AIDS are trained on how to deal with stigmatization and the culprits of the latter are also sensitized on how to accommodate these and other socially disadvantaged groups and individuals. The latter is addressed through forums that bring together representatives or leaders of those living with HIV/AIDS, government officers from the Department of Gender and Social Development as well as community opinion leaders and representatives. This helps alleviate the level of stigmatization and oppression.

Youth and women are supported to initiate small income-generating groups like value-addition of milk and other farm products as well as their ECOSOC rights as provided the Constitution.