The Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment and Development (RICED) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded and registered in the year 2016 with the ministry of gender and social services. The core mandates of RICED is to promote human and environmental well-being with a view to empowering target communities to coexist harmoniously with nature.


RICED also focuses on supporting vulnerable members and social groups. We work with community Self Help Groups and concentrate our activities in Meru County in Eastern Kenya


Empowered communities coexisting in harmony with nature.


To promote human and environmental well-being through community mobilization into action.


  1. To build capacity of the target community  to conserve local biodiversity and other natural resources.
  2. To accompany and support the target community in undertaking initiatives geared towards promoting Food security.
  3. To support vulnerable groups such as  women, youth, persons with special needs and persons living with HIV/AIDS secure their rights and lead decent lives free from discrimination and oppression.

Core Values

In executing its mandate, RICED is guided by the following values:

  1. Passion for biodiversity conservation.
  2. Zeal for promoting diversification of livelihood options.
  3. Respect for the rights of vulnerable groups/individuals in the society.

Our Programmes

  1. Environmental Reconstruction and Conservation
  2. Livelihood Improvement and Diversification
  3. Vulnerable Social Groups Empowerment

Target Beneficiaries

RICED engage community conservation groups and small holder farmers in Meru County in activities geared towards environmental and biodiversity conservation as well as livelihoods improvement and diversification.

It also focuses on empowerment of vulnerable groups and individuals in the target community through sensitization or rights awareness creation and psycho-social support. RICED endeavor to build capacity of target community members; to champion for their rights as envisaged in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; undertakes sustainable livelihoods improvement and; carry out activities geared towards environmental reconstruction, all of which goes a long way in promoting holistic community empowerment.

Our Team

Juster Kendi

Juster Kendi


Kendi Juster is a result driven lady aspiring for progressive career. She studied conservation biology and graduated 2015 from Kenyatta University. She proceeded to volunteering tasks in her home community, mobilizing community members in conserving and restoring degraded ecosystems within the county.

Passionate about the natural environment, girl child voice and rights for the less fortunate, she founded Kionde Catchment Conservation group in 2015 and later RICED organization in 2016.

In her free time, Kendi loves visiting day schools, and encouraging the students since herself is a day school product.

She dreams of one day having a greener environment, abundant life both in waters and on land; tree cover suitable for our environment and respect of every voice despite gender, race or fortune.

She believes she can be the change that she wishes to see in the world!

Our Partners