Local Empowerment

April 30, 2020
Day schools empowerment initiative

RICED Kenya has a vision for individuals and communities, to engage and support each for greater call for commitment in future at local and world at large. RICED Kenya works with local community group leaders, local administration, and schools to empower their capacity in scaling up cohesion and harmony existence. We believe an empowered leader possesses qualities that sees subjects thrive towards the goal. RICED Kenya is committed to supporting local group leaders and days schools via empowerment forums where more emphasis is on qualities of a good and effective leadership. Honesty and integrity are key quality of a leader.

This program seeks to empower the community to make right and wise choices regarding their livelihoods and environment and act upon them. Empowerment emanates from personal actions, initiatives and relationships with like-minded individuals prompted by the desire to overcome structural and social obstacles including lack of education and communication skills. Empowerment also arises from individual or self motivation, recognition of other people’s potential and knowledge and adoption of joint approach to confront challenges that hinder progress. Community members address their problems through having in place capable leadership which has ability to frame issues and design course of action effectively. RICED envisions communities that have self-confidence, security, and commitment to self-improvement both socially and economically. Trust built over time by our leaders gives subject motivation for self-exploit.

RICED Kenya collaborates with national and county governments, and other likeminded CBOs, NGOs, and individuals in empowering our community and youths.

• Four local group leaders totalling 16 heads trained on qualities of an effective leader, honesty, integrity, and forward thinking being paramount
• Three forums in three schools engaging 463 students/participants

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